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Raw material of spunbond nonwoven fabric and meltblown nonwoven fabirc

Dec.2021 | Company News
The raw materials used in the production process of spunbond and meltblown nonwovens mainly include polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), polyamide (PA), polyethylene (PE), polylactic acid (PLA), etc. PP is the most commonly used, most used and most widely used raw material.

When different raw materials are used, the characteristics of products will be different, the production process will be different, and the performance and configuration of equipment will be different, which will have a significant impact on the use of products, market, economic benefits and the price of production line
Therefore, this is the first prerequisite for determining the performance index of the production line

The average molecular weight, molecular weight distribution width and rheological properties of raw materials are closely related to spinnability and product properties.
The characteristics of various auxiliary materials used in the production process should match the properties of the main materials. For example, the color masterbatch carrier used for PP spinning should also be PP, but its fluidity is higher.
On the same spinning device, most spinning systems can only use one raw material, that is, they can only use this raw material to produce products. Each fiber of the fiber web is only composed of substances with the same performance. This fiber can be called single component fiber.
If two same or different raw materials can be used for composite spinning on the same spinning device at the same time.
That is, two different melts are ejected at the same time in the same spinneret hole. The fiber produced by this process is called two-component fiber.
This fiber can be used to produce two-component nonwovens. This production line is a two-component production line.

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