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Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd


Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd.---A professional non woven production line Manufacturer

Nov.2020 | Company News
·We are a professional nonwoven machine manufacturer

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric production line which engaged in development and production for many years.

Our company has focused on making non woven production line since 2003, We can provide customized such as single beam,double beam,three beams spunbond non woven production line,SSMS, SMMS SMS spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown composite) production lines,and other PP,PET, Bi-Co spunbond production line to our customers.

·Maximizing the interests of customers is the motive force of Yanpeng's continuous development

Yanpeng people will continue to be dedicated to the development of non woven equipment and related products.We sincerely want to return our customers with cost-effective products and best service.

·We supply non woven fabric machine worldwide
We currently supply our non woven machines to the Chinese market and export around the world,such as :
Asia:Soth Korea,India,Nepal,Vietnam,Thailand,Iran,Bangladesh,Pakistan,etc.

Our mission is to become the first choice supplier of non-woven equipment industry. It is famous for R &D, quality, service, flexibility and reliability.

·Our products--nonwoven production line
Our polypropylene(PP) spunbonded nonwoven equipment is constantly updated after years of production practice, which makes the design of non woven fabric production line more perfect and the operation easier.Our equipment is constantly improving. Our equipment is constantly improving, under the premise of complete specifications, superior performance, excellent quality and beautiful color, it can also add recycled material and filling to reduce the cost of products.

·We want to connect with you
No matter who you are, no matter where you are, as long as you are interested in non woven production line, you are welcome to contact us at any time.we enable our clients to produce non woven fabrics economically,reliably and sustainability.

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