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Development trend of spunbonded nonwovens production technology

Dec.2021 | Company News
Low specialty (fine denier):

At present, spunbonded nonwovens are developing towards low specialty (fine denier). Spunbonded fabrics made of ultra-fine fibers (generally, the linear density of a single fiber is less than 0.5dtex, that is, the fiber equivalent to 0.45 single fiber becomes ultra-fine fibers) have better performance, better hand feel and stronger shielding. Some functions can replace melt blown fabrics.

Two component composite spinning, fiber section diversification:
★ the two-component composite spinning can improve the service performance of the product by diversifying the fiber section. The spunbonded fabric known by the two-component fiber can be solidified at a lower hot rolling temperature, so that the product has both good hand feel and sufficient strength.

★ the two-component spun viscose fiber mesh adopts Spunlaced fiber opening (separating bundled multi-component fibers) and consolidation process. It is an important method for manufacturing ultra-fine fibers at present. The product has good strength and softness. The strength ratio in MD / CD direction is approximately 1. It is an advanced material for manufacturing artificial leather base cloth.

★ at present, foreign equipment manufacturers have less models to manufacture and provide single spinning system. Even the production line of single spinning system is mostly two-component equipment with high technical content.

In recent years, the proportion of the two-component system of the newly added nonwovens production line abroad has gradually increased. In addition to the imported two-component production line, the domestic two-component production line has also entered the market, and the two-component model may become the mainstream model of the new generation.

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