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Introduction of SMS spunbond meltblown composite non-woven fabric

Nov.2021 | Company News
1.Description of SMS composite nonwoven fabric
Meltblown nonwoven fabric have the advantages of good uniformity, high filtration efficiency or strong barrier ability. However, due to the low strength of meltblown fibers and insufficient bonding strength between fibers, it has poor mechanical properties, small extension and no wear resistance. It is generally difficult to use independently before treatment.
Spunbonded nonwoven fabric have high strength and good wear resistance, but their uniformity and filtration accuracy are lower than those of meltblown nonwoven fabric. If the two advantages can be combined to achieve the effect of complementary advantages, the products can not only have good filtration and barrier effects, but also have good air permeability.
SMS Composite Nonwoven Fabric use composite technology to stack melt blown nonwoven fabric and spunbond nonwoven fabric to form a new nonwoven fabric with "sandwich" structure. SMS refers to a composite product with "three-layer" structure composed of two kinds of fiber networks. It is a general term of this kind of products. The actual number of layers of the product can be more than three, such as four-layer SMMS structure, five-layer SMMMS structure, six-layer SSMMMS structure, etc.

2.Advantages of SMS Composite Nonwoven Fabric

Because SMS composite products combine the advantages of spunbond nonwoven fabric and melt blown nonwoven fabric, they have the properties of high strength, good wear resistance, high filtration efficiency or strong barrier ability. They have been widely used in the fields of medical, health, health care and protective products. The products treated with anti-static, water repellent, alcohol repellent and blood repellent functions are the preferred materials for high-end medical protective articles.

3.Application of SMS non-woven fabric
Covering material of sanitary napkin and diaper super absorbent material (SAP): 10-15g / ㎡, hydrophilic nonwoven fabric.
Anti side leakage edge and bottom layer of paper diaper and sanitary napkin (composite bottom layer of SMS and breathable membrane): 13-17g / ㎡, water repellent non-woven fabric.
Wrapping materials for diapers and sanitary napkins: 24-30g / ㎡, water repellent non-woven fabric.
Protective clothing: 60g / ㎡.
Medical mask: 20g / ㎡ spunbond + 25g / ㎡ melt blown + 20g / ㎡ spunbond composite.
Protective clothing fabric for electronic factory and operating room: 40 -200g / ㎡, two-step antistatic cloth, surface resistance ≤ 108 ~ 10 9 Ω.
Medical protective clothing fabric, medium and high-grade surgical clothing, surgical hole towel and instrument package cloth: 40- 200g / ㎡, two-step finishing, with alcohol repellent, blood repellent, water repellent and antistatic functional cloth, and the surface resistance is required to be in the range of 108 ~ 109 Ω.
Protective clothing for painting, decoration, dust and oil pollution operation: 60 - 250g / ㎡, two-step oil, dirt, water and acid and alkali resistant cloth.
Beach wear, sunshade, field tent: 70-240g / ㎡, two step anti aging (UV) cloth.
Fabric for clothing, decoration and tent: 40 - 250g / ㎡, two-step flame retardant base cloth.

Kitchen utensils and mechanical wiping cloth: 70 -300g / ㎡, two-step high water absorption and high oil absorption cloth.

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric production line which engaged in development and production for many years. Our company has focused on making non-woven production line since 2008, We can provide customized single S, SS ,SSS spunbond non-woven production line,SSMS, SMMS SMS spunmelt (spunbond & meltblown) production lines,and other PP,PET, BiCo spunbond production line to our customers.  Yanpeng people will continue to be dedicated to the development of non-woven equipment and related products.We sincerely want to return our customers with cost-effective products and best service.  Our polypropylene(PP) spunbond nonwoven equipment is constantly updated after years of production practice, which makes the design of non-woven fabric production line more perfect and the operation easier.Our equipment is constantly improving. Our equipment is constantly improving, under the premise of complete specifications, superior performance, excellent quality and beautiful color, it can also add recycled material and filling to reduce the cost of products.

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