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Do you know any of these cold knowledge about spunbond and melt-blown composite nonwovens?

Nov.2021 | Company News
Why choose composite nonwovens:

Melt-blown nonwovens (M for short) have the advantages of good uniformity, high filtration efficiency or strong barrier ability.
However, due to the low strength of melt-blown fiber, the adhesion strength between fibers is insufficient, so the mechanical properties are poor, the elongation is small, and the wear resistance is not good. It is generally difficult to use on its own without treatment.
Spinning nonwovens (S for short) have higher strength and better wear resistance, but lower uniformity and filtration accuracy than melt-blown nonwovens.
If the advantages of both can be combined to achieve complementary advantages. Can make the product has good filtration, barrier effect and good air permeability.

The tensile strength is different between the melt-blown nonowovens and spinning nonwovens:
Such as general spunbond PP fiber monofilaments strength of 2.9~4.9cN/dtex.
The monofilaments strength of melt-blown PP fiber is only 1.5~2.0cN/dtex. The tensile strength of spunbond nonwovens is about 1.5~2.0 times of the quantitative value.
The tensile strength of melt-blown nonwovens is only 1/5 of that of spunbonded hair nonwovens with the same quantity, or even lower.

What is SMS composite nonwovens:
SMS composite nonwovens are a new type of nonwovens with sandwich structure by combining melt-blown nonwovens with spunbond nonwovens using composite technology.
SMS is a generic term for a composite product consisting of two types of fiber mesh with a "three layer" structure.
The actual number of product layers can be more than three, such as four layers of SMMS structure, five layers of SMMS structure, six layers of SSMMMS structure, etc.

SMS cloth is widely used in different areas:
Because SMS composite products combine the advantages of spunbond nonwovens and melt-blown nonwovens, they offer high strength, good wear resistance, high filtration efficiency or high barrier capacity.
It has been widely used in the fields of medical treatment, sanitation, health care and protective products.
After anti-static, anti-water, anti-alcohol, anti-blood functional treatment of the product is the first choice of high-end medical protective equipment materials.

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery company located in Wenzhou City,China,The existing factory area is over 210,000 square feet.Since from the beginning of 2008,we only focus on spunbond and spunmelt non woven equipment research and development.  
Until today,we serve over 200 customers in all over the world ,and installed over 600 non woven production lines.
Our main products:
PP spunbond non woven production line,
Meltblown non-woven production line,
spunmelt composite nonwoven production line (such as SMS,SMMS, SSMMS, SMMMS ...etc), Polyester (PET) nonwoven fabric production line,
Nylon (PA) non woven production line, etc.
We successfully launch the PLA/RPET non woven fabric production line in 2021.

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