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Preparation for spunbonded and melt blown production line installation

Nov.2021 | Company News
As we all know, spunbonded and melt blown nonwovens production line equipment installation,
It is a huge project, which requires us to have strict preliminary preparations to complete such a great project.
We have an overseas customer who is installing 2.6s equipment.Before that, we helped the customer with the plant drawing planning,and the customer built the foundation according to the suggestions.
The picture shows the steel platform structure built on site,In the light of the setting sun, it blooms a unique beauty.
Our mechanical production line is firmly fixed in the container.After traveling across the sea, it came to the country of our customers. Workers were busy in the field, taking out the equipment parts from the container.(The customer purchased a 2.6m single s spunbonded production line)
Because this equipment is a large production line, it needs five high container containers (40HQ)for loading, and the parts in each container are different.
After doing this, we will continue to carry out the following work.
In China, there are strict audit requirements for the technical status of this project.
Power supply:There is sufficient power supply on site, which can provide three-phase and single power consumption, and meet the power consumption requirements. The construction progress of the power supply and distribution system must be synchronized with the installation progress of the main equipment of the production line to ensure that sufficient power supply capacity can be provided for equipment commissioning.
water supply:There shall be sufficient domestic (or production) water supply on site, and the water pressure shall be greater than or equal to 0.2MPa.
compressed air:There shall be compressed air supply on site or temporary mobile air supply equipment, mainly to provide compressed air for pneumatic tools, equipment purging and painting. The construction and installation progress of the air compressor station shall adapt to the equipment installation progress to ensure the gas consumption for equipment commissioning.
Heating or heating:For some indoor installation items to be constructed in cold season, it is required to configure basic indoor heating system to meet the equipment installation requirements and improve the construction environment. The construction progress of the heating system shall adapt to the installation progress of the main equipment.

Fire fighting and security system:The site shall have fire-fighting system or fire-fighting equipment available for effective use, and security and anti-theft measures have been put in place.

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