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Jul.2021 | Company News
On July 4th, all the employees of Yanpeng sales team got up early, gave up the opportunity to sleep in on weekends, and set off with simple equipment to the first stop of the group Wenzhou Chaochen Nonwoven Factory.

Everyone is nervous and looking forward to the one-hour drive. The car drove up along the mountain road, the window was foggy, the mountains were steaming, and the cool breeze brought a day.

After the gathering, everyone began to go to the factory workshop to communicate with the managers and workers of the workshop to understand the SSMMS nonwoven  production line under construction. It is reported that such a production line not only has a large old output, but also produces spunbonded composite products that are extremely versatile.
It is precisely because of its process: non-woven spunbonded nonwoven fabric + meltblown nonwoven fabric + capacity spray non-woven fabric + spunbonded non-woven fabric = four-layer fiber web hot rolled. Therefore, the SSMMS production line produces more spunbond composite products than medical and health labor insurance products, such as surgical gowns, surgical caps, protective clothing, hand washing clothes, handbags, etc.

During the visit, we met the chief engineer who assembled the production line. He mentioned the importance of craftsmanship many times in his exchanges with us:
"The spirit of craftsmanship requires an enterprise to be like a craftsman, pondering its own products, improving itself, and withstanding the test and percussion of the market. At the same time, the core of the craftsmanship spirit is the enterprise's pursuit of technological innovation and technological progress. This is the lifeblood of the country’s economy, and an enterprise with technological innovation and technological progress as the mainstay is the source of power for national rejuvenation and the source of increased national wealth."
After listening, everyone was infected by this passionate scientific concept, and they took out their notebooks to make notes.
After lunch, we went to pick red bayberry together. The mountain is not high, and there is a dragon. "We are." If the mountain is not high, just have red bayberry. "
Everyone talked and laughed and climbed up the mountain together, and they couldn't help but want to pick fresh bayberry. Looking at the redness of the bayberry, I couldn't help but remind me of the red blood flowing in the blood vessels of every Chinese and the red spiritual belief and pursuit imprinted in the heart.
History is fair. Those who follow the trend live, those who go against the trend die, those who win the hearts of the people win the world, and those who lose the hearts of the people win the world. This is an eternal truth.
The Communist Party of China today has led the Chinese people toward prosperity and strength, and made the Chinese nation stand proud among the nations of the world.
Looking back at the struggle of the Chinese Communist Party, what motivated the Chinese Communist Party to achieve its ultimate victory? What inspired the Chinese Communists to forge ahead? The answer is undoubtedly: "Red Spirit". In the hundred-year history of the Chinese Communist Party, many evocative "red spirits" have been formed.
Such as the Jinggangshan spirit of "military-civilian unity and hard work", the Long March spirit of "not afraid of hardships and evils", and "change the work
The Yan’an spirit of "Wind and quality improvement", the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness of "hard struggle and courage to open up", "modest and cautious, guard
The Xibaipo spirit of arrogance and hard work", the two bombs and one star spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, and bravely climbing scientific peaks"...
It can be said that the red spirit is a symbol of the revolutionary spirit of the Communist Party of China, and it inspires the ideals of the Chinese Communists.
And the source of power for faith and persistent pursuit, the fundamental reason why the Chinese Communist Party is supported by the people.
"You can capture the moon in nine days, and you can go down to the oceans to catch turtles." Today, when our material life is so rich, we should "do not forget to dig and merge people. In production and life, we should strengthen our beliefs, forge ahead, and raise the level of technology." On the first floor, dare to take on social responsibilities and believe that tomorrow will be better!

This team building activity deepened the partners' understanding of the product structure knowledge, and also enhanced the friendship between colleagues, and also experienced the fun of picking fruits by yourself. Also understand the truth that action will be rewarded. No matter how many difficulties we encounter, as long as we are united, have the same goal, master the rules, and work together, the team will be invincible and invincible. Come on! Yanpeng team!

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