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Spunbonded is the most widely used one-step spinning process for forming non woven fabric.

Dec.2020 | Company News

Spunbonded is the most widely used one-step spinning process for forming non woven fabric.
Spunbonded nonwoven are formed by continuous filament fibers, which have high production line speed, high product strength and good dimensional stability.

Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional non woven machine manufacturer.If you need professional nonwoven machine manufacturer, please contact us.
Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers engaged in research, manufacture and sales of spunbond non woven production line in China.

Spunbonded method combines fiber spinning technology with non woven forming technology. Based on the principle of melt spinning, the raw materials are melted and mixed in extruder and extruded by spinneret of spinning head to form melt flow. The high-speed quench air was used to cool the extruded melt, and the fiber was drawn by the drawing air flow during the cooling process to form continuous filament with high strength and stable performance. After the filament is divided into uniform monofilament structure, it is laid on the net curtain with negative pressure to form nonwoven. The fiber mesh is reinforced by hot rolling, needle punched or Spunlaced with fixed type through subsequent reinforcement device, and then the product is obtained by coiling device. The key steps are melt spinning, primary fiber air drawing, fiber forming and web setting.
Please refer to the picture for the detailed process.

In the production process, due to the whole process of spinning, drafting and wire laying in a closed state, the interference of external wind is avoided, the requirements of the environment are reduced, and the continuous and stable production process can be maintained.
Our company produces non woven machine manufacturing methods is:
Hot rolling reinforcement method: it is mainly applicable to PP and other thermoplastic polymer materials. The principle is to melt the polymer fiber in the hot rolling mill and melt the polymer fiber at the hot rolling point / surface under the pressure, so as to significantly improve the strength of the fiber and realize the fixed type of nonwovens. The hot rolling mill is composed of heating rigid roll and elastic roll, which can be bonded by point bonding and surface bonding. Engraving roller with different rolling point shape is used for point bonding, and polishing rigid roll is used for surface bonding.

In order to overcome the disadvantages of melt blown nonwoven, such as low strength and poor dimensional stability, the technology of spunbonded / melt blown composite (SM or SMS) was developed .

The principle of SMS composite method is to add a meltblown nonwoven fabric molding machine between two spunbonded nonwovens forming machines to form a composite production line, which is used to produce nonwoven in which the spunbond viscose web and meltblown web are overlapped. The process combines the advantages of high strength and good dimensional stability of filament fiber mesh, as well as the advantages of high bulkiness and good air permeability of superfine short fiber web, so as to composite nonwovens with excellent comprehensive properties, and has been widely used in surgical clothes, filter materials and other a spects.

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