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The nonwovens market is booming, and the product quality standards are more stringent

Nov.2020 | Company News

1.Freudenberg expands meltblown production and is dedicated to manufacturing masks that meet the standard certification

Freudenberg Performance Materials is expanding its production capacity of nonwoven, which is specifically used to manufacture certified mouth and nose protective masks in accordance with EN14683 and FFP1, 2 and 3 masks in accordance with EN149 standards. This medium is specially developed and sold for the medical technology processing industry. The additional capacity will be carried out on one of the latest meltblown lines at its factory of Kaiser Sloten in Germany. The production line should be completed in the first quarter of next year.
"As the world's leading manufacturer of technical textiles and filter media, Freudenberg Performance Materials has deep expertise in certified mask materials. By expanding our production capacity in Kaiserslautern, Germany, we have contributed to the challenges faced by the Covid-19 and have provided certified face masks as well as FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks in Germany and Europe. " CEO of Freudenberg Performance Materials Dr.Frank  Heislitz said.

2.Berry installed new production line in French factory and added nonwoven fabric embossing department

Berry has installed the first three-dimensional embossing line at its French factory. In response to the growing market demand for high levels of softness and comfort, Berry's investment will provide high-quality, high value-added and high-performance solutions for the nonwoven hygiene market.
The new line will produce 3D embossing and perforation of the top and bottom layers for the European health market. The product line has a visually attractive embossed pattern, which has high product flexibility and provides high-quality experience for product end consumers. 3D technology combined with Berry's premium soft nonwovens solution provides advanced fluid management and skin comfort, as well as enhanced cushioning. The materials of the line will be used to make diapers, adult incontinence and women care products. The production line will be fully installed by the end of this year.

3.Spain will ban the sale of KN95 masks from October and allow only CE marked products

According to the world news, the agreement on "temporary authorization" for the fight against epidemic in April 2020, which allows KN95 masks to be used due to the "shortage of personal protective equipment (EPI) status quo". Large purchases around the world, including masks made from China, were considered to be equivalent to FPP2 and as safe as the KN95 masks, which were manufactured in accordance with Chinese standards. But the resolution, which expired on September 30, means that Spain has banned the sale of KN95 masks from October and only products marked with European test standards (CE) are allowed to be sold.
Spain is the first known EU country to formally repeal the provisional regulation, namely the standard treatment of masks. It is not known whether other countries will follow up in the future. But it is certain that after that, countries will continue to strengthen the management of epidemic products. Therefore, the compliance of products produced by domestic manufacturers is the first factor to export to Europe.
At present, the epidemic situation is not over in Europe. The Second World War epidemic will inevitably lead to the shortage of epidemic prevention products. The requirements of governments on epidemic prevention products will only be higher and higher. In this case, the only hard truth is that the products are in compliance.

4.Smithers' latest data track the market prosperity of Medical Nonwovens

According to the latest data of Smithers, the global medical demand for nonwovens will reach US $2.49 billion by 2020, an increase of 19.2% compared with that in 2019. With the control of coronavirus infection, the peak demand in 2020 will ease in the following years. However, medical nonwoven fabrics will continue to become one of the focuses of nonwoven market application, and the demand will continue to grow by 2025.
According to the data analysis in the future of medical nonwovens by 2025 in the Smithers market report, the value of medical nonwovens will increase to US $2.95 billion in 2025, up from US $2.09 billion in 2019. By 2025, this area will increase from 9.05 million square meters in 2019 with a total weight of 480700 tons to 12.94 million square meters and 674400 tons.
Smithers exclusive market modeling tracks how the healthcare industry will affect the demand for 21 medical nonwoven applications, including institutional incontinence products and sanitary napkins. According to the data, the main opportunity is spunbonded nonwovens manufacturers, and spunbonded products will account for 74.4% of the market by 2020.
The biggest growth triggered by Covid-19 is meltblown nonwovens used for masks, especially N95 or N99 nonwovens. The demand will increase by up to 10 times in 2020, and the demand will far exceed the supply. In particular, when the international supply chain is disrupted and the countries with strong production capacity place more emphasis on domestic supply than export, manufacturers respond by rapidly increasing new production capacity, and industrial non woven production lines are re used to manufacture mask materials.
In order to free up resources for Covid-19 patients, selective surgery has been cut, and sales of surgical drapes and gowns have been relatively reduced, thus balancing this booming market. However, these are the largest uses of medical nonwovens, accounting for 49% - 54% of the total consumption. Once back to normal, surgeons begin to reduce the backlog of surgeons postponed to 2020, and the demand will surge.

It can be seen that the industry for nonwoven fabric requirements continue to improve. Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of nonwoven fabric equipment. It can customize high-quality equipment for customers, and will spare no effort to help customers manufacture high-quality nonwoven fabrics.

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