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Latest SMS 2.4 PP Spunmelt Nonwoven Production line Started Successfully

Oct.2020 | Company News

  We are glad to see the Yanpeng new line SMS2.4 started successfully at our old customer which in Fujiang City, thanks for customer trust Yanpeng again and become our long cooperation partners.thanks for our Yanpeng After sales service team hard working during installation machine.

  SMS line as leader in the field of non woven production line,It is played an important role during the COVID-19, know why,we have to learn from SMS fabric firstly.

  What is SMS fabric ,SMS it is formed by Spunbond+meltblown+spunbond nonwovens,It is a composite non woven fabric ,It is a composite product of spunbond and meltblown.The features it is non-toxic,tasteless,and high effective bacteria, Through special treatment of equipment it can achieve antistatic,anti-alcohol,anti-plasma,hydrophobic and water production performance.

Lets see the Non woven fabric Application at all


Nonwoven Hygiene Product

Baby and adult diapers:top sheets,back sheets,ears,tapes,landing zone

Female hygiene:top sheets,wings

Cleaning wipes:Baby care ,cosmetics etc.

Nonwoven medical products

Surgeons mask,KN95

Disposable garments

Surgical drapes

Shoe covers

Nonwoven technical products

Geotextiles :erosion protection ,filtration ,reinforcement,drainage,separation layers,embankment fortification etc. For streets,dikes and farms

Structural engineering :bitumen supports,roof insulation sheeting.diaphragms

Agricultrue:crop forcing nonwoven,insect protection etc.

Automotive:Inner paneling,sound insulation etc.

Nonwoven furniture products

Beds:pocket springs,mattresses,cushions,bed covers,disposal,bedding

Seating:upholstered backs,sub-paneling,intermediate layers.etc.

Nonwoven packaging products

Shopping bags ;d cut bag,box bag,handle bag,vest bag etc.

Rice packaging

Tea bags

Clothes packaging


  So we got to know why SMS which very important fabric for Mask,Hygiene product & played an important role during the COVID-19  till now. When we have idea about the SMS non woven fabric, we have to know SMS production line,and Yanpeng as one of the professional manufacture,also made Yanpeng own contribution during COVID-19.

  We have two type of SMS machine for different Speed,300m/min & 450m/min ,To meet the different needs of customers. The Size of SMS,we have 1600mm,2400mm &3200mm three size totally. The product gram can be from 10 -100 gsm.The important Spare parts Mould and Spinneret, we have three suppliers, Enka German,Kasen Nozzle Japan & J.C. Times China.Due to market demand huge, the machine delivery time will be from 8-18 months as mould select accordingly. Hydrophilic ,Hydrophobic Drying,Online checking & electret treament can be make customized.

  In order to delivery all non woven production line in time,our factory purchased three more  bigger CNC Machine,and more than ten sets middle size of CNC machine day and night working.Yanpeng spend 15% of revenue on R&D every year.Keeping Technology Innovation ,Keeping technology development as our Yanpeng Mission always.

  Yanpeng People will continue to be dedicated to the development of non woven production line and related products.we sincerely want to repay our clients and society with best production line and quality.


  Lets wish our customers business more and more better ,Yanpeng are committed to suggesting long-term relationships with customers.Yanpeng pursure win win business relationship with all of our clients.Thanks for your trust ,Thank you for choosing Yanpeng.we are strong trust both of us will have bright future under our joint efforts. Yanpeng people will be showing more Quality,Exquisite products give back to our customers.we look forward to your joining.

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