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New product recommendation of Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.: PLA polylactic acid nonwoven equipment.

Dec.2019 | Company News

With the wide spread and application of PP non-woven fabric, more and more people give up PE plastic bags and begin to pay attention to PP non-woven fabric, which is a more environmentally friendly material. Although PP non-woven fabric has recyclable and decomposable characteristics, it is still a kind of plastic, and the exploitation of its raw materials still has a certain impact on nature. Some countries, such as India, have already listed PP non-woven fabric as part of the prohibition. To solve this problem, Zhejiang Yanpeng non-woven machinery Co., Ltd. launched another new product: PLA polylactide spunbond non-woven production line.

What is PLA?

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a new type of bio based and renewable biodegradable material, which is made of starch material proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.). Glucose was obtained from starch by saccharification, and then high purity lactic acid was produced by fermentation of glucose and certain bacteria. Then polylactic acid with certain molecular weight was synthesized by chemical synthesis. It has good biodegradability, can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the nature under specific conditions after use, and finally generate carbon dioxide and water, not polluting the environment, which is very beneficial to the protection of the environment, is recognized as environmentally friendly materials.

What are the applications of PLA nonwovens?

Extrusion resin is the main market application of PLA, which is mainly used for fresh vegetable and fruit packaging in large supermarkets. This kind of packaging has become an important member of the European market chain; secondly, it is used for some electronic product packaging that promotes safety, energy saving and environmental protection. In these applications, the advantages of PLA, such as high transparency, high gloss and high rigidity, are fully reflected, which has become the leading direction of PLA application. In addition, the application of extrusion resin in Horticulture has also begun to get attention, and it has been applied in slope greening, dust storm control and other fields. Spunbond is already used in PLA non-woven fabric, because of the implementation of China's plastic restriction order, this non-woven fabric is more popular in the production of shopping bags. However, the application of PLA is still in further exploration because of some characteristics defects of PLA, and some successful application cases are modified PLA for use.

Absolute environmental protection has become the main reason why PLA non-woven fabric can be popular in the market. In the tide of environmental protection in the world, this new product will surely be received and loved by more people.

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