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"Environmental protection, science and technology, innovation" Yanpeng non-woven machinery made a stunning debut in since 2019 (Shanghai)

Dec.2019 | Company News

On December 11-13, the 18th Shanghai International Non woven Exhibition (since 2019) was held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. As a professional exhibition of the largest and most influential non woven industry in Asia, Since 2019, together with more than 500 exhibitors at home and abroad, shows us a complete industrial chain covering non woven from raw materials to related finished products, providing perfect technical exchange and business negotiation for the innovation and development of many non woven application fields such as hygiene, wipes, household appliances, etc.


As an important member of the field of nonwoven, Zhejiang Yanpeng nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer specializing in spun bond and melt blown nonwoven equipment manufacturing for 10 years, also annotated the industry benchmark of a new generation of spun bond melt blown non woven production equipment with the theme of "environmental protection, science and technology, innovation" at this exhibition. Further promote the spread of spun bond and melt blown non-woven sustainable environmental protection concept in the non-woven industry.


YanPeng machinery, always focusing on the quality

Yanpeng non-woven machinery is always at the forefront of the industry, constantly pursuing perfect quality and faster speed. The exhibition has launched a variety of models of PP Spunbond melt blown non-woven equipment, such as SS SSS SMS SMMS SSMS SSMMS, etc., as well as new materials such as PET PLA PA spunbond non-woven equipment, with a large number of types to meet the needs of different customers. We take every equipment seriously, whether it is a million level equipment or a million level equipment. We all carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and strive for perfection. Strict quality control is the core that we can stand on the market and win wide praise. We will never forget our original intention and take quality as the first pursuit of Yanpeng people.


Technology promotes product innovation and makes the industry more environmentally friendly.

PP non-woven fabric has the characteristics of recycling and rapid degradation, which has gradually replaced PE plastic bags and become an indispensable product in people's life. In the current trend of global "plastic ban", non-woven fabric is more and more favored by all countries, environmental protection enterprises, as well as enthusiasts of the earth and environmental protection. In addition to the traditional PP machinery, Yanpeng also brought more kinds of machinery with raw materials such as pet, PA, PLA. The PLA material is made from corn starch. The waste can be composted and biodegraded, which can be safely decomposed into raw materials and completely returned to the environment. The non-woven fabric products have natural advantages in increasing air permeability, biodegradability and versatility.


At the exhibition site, Yanpeng's various products have attracted the attention of many professional audiences. With its advantages of natural comfort and environmental protection, Yanpeng has won a lot of praise.

Yanpeng is committed to improving the sustainability and natural comfort standards in the non-woven industry to make life more natural!


Zhejiang Yanpeng non-woven machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to devote itself to the cause of non-woven fabric, bring more reliable products to customers at home and abroad, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection for all mankind.


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